What is THCV? The Weight Loss Cannabinoid!

What is THCV? The Weight Loss Cannabinoid!

Posted by Boro Hemp on Jul 19th 2022

If knowledgeable Medical Professionals not controlled by Big Pharma had their way, Marijuana and its cannabinoids would be the future of Medicine and Opioids would be confined to the dustbin of history. Indeed, with over 110 identified Cannabinoids found in Marijuana to date, it’s clear that there’s a lot to uncover.

Perhaps the biggest issue with weed is the Psychoactive Effects (in other words, getting high). It is apparently the main reason why Cannabis is a Schedule I Substance (although the truth is more nuanced) and this fact prevents a significant number of people from using it to alleviate pain and other debilitating conditions.

However, not all Cannabinoids are Psychoactive, and Researchers know that if they can continue researching non-intoxicating ones such as CBD, there’s a greater chance of Cannabis being accepted as Medicine. Of all the Cannabinoids identified to date, there is a clear Big Six and we focus on one of them, THCV, in this article.

What Is THCV?

THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin), also occasionally called the ‘sports car of Cannabinoids’, is a relatively abundant yet little-known Cannabinoid despite its Big Six Moniker. It is a Marijuana Compound that potentially provides people with an array of benefits and unique effects. THCV was discovered in 1973, and while it isn’t as popular as CBD or THC, it is an extremely well-studied cannabinoid.

It is a molecule with C19H26O2 as its chemical formula, which means it contains 19 Carbon Atoms, 26 Hydrogen Atoms, and two Oxygen Atoms. It follows the typical Phytocannabinoid behavior of being insoluble in water, but very soluble in lipid-based solvents. Structurally it is similar to the famed Psychoactive Cannabinoid THC, but there are a few differences which we outline below.

The Benefits of THCV

As well as offering a faster and arguably more intense high than THC when used in large doses, research suggests that THCV has a lot of legitimate medical benefits. Along with several other cannabinoids, THCV binds to receptor sites located in the immune system, major organs, and brain.

Weight Loss

According to World Health Organization (WHO) stats from 2016, an estimated 1.9 billion adults are either Overweight or Obese. This equates to 39% of the world’s adult population, while 13% are Obese. Also, these figures include data from impoverished nations so the statistics are even grimmer in Western nations.

One of the main reasons for THCV’s success in this field is because it does an excellent job of suppressing CB1 Receptors. Research shows that around 3mg per kilogram of body weight is the ideal dose for weight loss purposes. Studies also suggest that strains high in THCV and CBD work better than ones that are high in THCV and THC.

It seems remarkable that THCV has not been approved as a weight loss treatment when you consider the catastrophic Rimonabant tests. This anti-obesity drug caused severe depression – amongst other side effects – and the trial was terminated because of a high rate of suicide.


Remember, THCV helps reduce your appetite so not only is it a great Weight Loss Tool, but it could potentially become a Lifesaver for people living with Diabetes as well. A study by Wargent et al. that was published in 2013 showed that THCV has potential as a method of treatment for Diabetics who suffer from Obesity-Related Glucose Intolerance.


In another study by Riedel et al., this one published in 2009, the research team found that THCV reduces swelling and pain in mice. These are two of the main symptoms of inflammation after exposure to inflammatory chemicals. Intriguingly, the team also looked at the impact of Rimonabant and found that it hindered THCV’s effects, which is a clear sign that THCV activates Cannabinoid Receptors.

During the study, the mice were given THCV after inflammatory exposure each day for four consecutive days. As well as proving effective in reducing inflammation, the scientists found that the mice did not build up a tolerance to the compound.

Anxiety Reducing

Research has shown that THCV is capable of reducing or even eliminating panic attacks which means it could be a fantastic treatment for individuals with PTSD or other anxiety disorders. Most of the research has taken place in Israel and scientists have determined that THCV worked because it suppresses our ‘panic’ mode, which occurs during our natural fight-or-flight response to threats.

Other Benefits

Research shows that THCV is effective in reducing the tremors associated with conditions such as ALS and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as a reduction in Brain Lesions in the latter Illness. The compound may also stimulate bone growth which makes it a useful addition to Osteoporosis treatment options. Moreover, there is evidence that THCV reduces seizures and since it is non-intoxicating in smaller doses it could be a useful way to treat children with Epilepsy.